Art in Isolation – a project .

Caroline from the Bradford group has forwarded this challenge from an artist friend of hers based in Somerset, Tess Arnitage. Tess is sending out 20×20 cm canvas frames for £10.00 each and the idea is to create an image from the inside of your house looking through a window. A view, in any media. 
She is then going to collate them and present them somehow and somewhere in Somerset , at the end of lockdown. She is also going to auction them off and give the money to the NHS – it’s a non profit making project. 

Click on the link below for more info:

What does Nature Mean to You?

Art competition for alll ages organised by Sustainable Warminster together with Wildlife Watch

Well we already knew this didn’t we?!

My friend Sophy and I have always said that life drawing is not only a place to improve your drawing skills but one where you can empty your head of all invasive thoughts.

Laura Freeman obviously feels the same.

This section is taken from a long article in the Telegraph recently about the many benefits of life drawing.

“Forget yoga, mindfullness, spa days, there’s nothing to match the meditation of the life room. There’s something about the courteous compact between model and artist, the dignified silence, the utter focus that banishes all other worries and distractions”

New life drawing sessions starting in Bradford on Avon September 2019

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