My current work as a printmaker, has its foundation in my textile design background. I trained at Camberwell School of Art at the beginning of the 80s, gaining my Degree in Printed Textiles in 1983.

I draw my inspiration from the pattern, colours and forms found in objects both natural and manmade and focus on the transformation and exploration of the simplified shape, form, movement, and colour in those objects and the space that they inhabit within abstracted environments and backdrops.

Drawing and sketching. These are my starting point and my initial inspiration. A pose or an object and the emotion found within will invite me to play around with movement and abstraction, shape and colour; my intention is to create harmony and balance with all these elements.

I work mainly with the lino reduction method of printmaking and enjoy the challenge that the tools, the process and the manipulation of the inks allows in developing a print. I push the cutting, inking and printing in ways that move it away from traditional lino printing and part of the inspiration and enjoyment, for me, comes in the desire to create images which are seemingly so simple through processes that are anything but that.